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Sneak Peek: 2019 Avengers Themed Series (Walmart exclusive)

We have more pictures for the models included in Avengers Themed Series from Hot Wheels in 2019. This serie exclusive for Walmart include six models represent The Avengers and Their Villains.

In this colecton we have the next cars:
#1 - The Gov'ner (IRON MAN)
#2 - Solid Muscle (ULTRON)
#3 - Rogue Hog (CAPTAIN AMERICA)
#4 - Bully Goat (RED SKULL)
#5 - Time Shifter (THOR)
#6 - Scoopa DI Fuego (LOKI)

Sneak Peek: Corvette Stingray, new basic Treasure Hunts for 2019.

Corvette Stingray, is the new basic Treasure Hunts for the main line of Hot Wheels 2019, a great casting that belongs to the series SUPER CHROMES being the model five of five.

Among its prints we can see the flame that identifies the T-Hunts the word "Super Chromes", as well as stripes of red and blue with stars on them.

Today the basic Treasure Hunts have been little flashy models so they do not generate interest for collectors, however, every some times Hot Wheels shows us that they can bring us interesting models to add to the collection of regular T-Hunts.

Sneak Peek: 2019 Zamac Custom '72 Chevy LUV

The new version Zamac for the Custom '72 Chevy LUV in the main line of Hot Wheels 2019. The Zamac are vehicles without paint and with some prints that make them look incredible.

On this occasion we have the Chevy LUV with its blue stripes as well as its tires in the same color. An incredible model that includes the Chevrolet brand in relief on the back, is part of the HW HOT TRUCKS series being the number nine out of a total of ten pieces that make up this Hot Wheels series in 2019.

New Chrysler Pacifica for Hot Wheels Race Team in 2019.

The @hotwheelsdreamteam shows us on his instagram account the first look of the new Hot Wheels Race Team for 2019. It is about an off-road version of the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, a great model created by designer Leeway Chang. Without a doubt an incredible piece that we hope you can have soon in your hands.

Series: 2019 Batman 80 Years Walmart exclusive.

One of the first themed series Hot Wheels in 2019 are about Batman. Is an exclusively serie for Walmart and have sixe diferent models that represent thes 80 years from the character. Between the most outstanding models we have the Batmobile in silver and the '11 Dodge Charger R / T like a police patrol.

Series: 2019 Target Throwback all models.

Series Hot Wheels 2019 Target Throwback, these models have cards with reference to the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. These are main models in a vintage package and this 2019 eight different models are included that are presented below.

Sneak Peek: 2019 Premium or Pop Culture Mix 1 - Disney.

We have more pictures for the first mix of the Hot Wheels Pop Culture/Premium in 2019, is the beautiful serie about of Disney characters. With full-metal castings and Real Riders wheels, the five models can´t miss in your collection.

Now you can see these models in their package and loose, with images of different angles to show all the art that these pieces include.

Second Car for the 19th Hot Wheels Collectors National Convention.

The Volkswagen Drag Bus is one of the most popular cars in the different lines of Hot Wheels and this 2019 are part of the 19th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors national Convention. You can buy one and two other pieces with the ticket of the event, for person.

Is a incredible model which has a great decoration, with lines orange and blue, and body in white color. Part of ther prints are Union 76 and some more logos, like Moon Eyes, Good Year and BELL. Somting nice are the tires with the legend of good year, that look amazing.

Sneak Peek: 85 Honda City Turbo second color for 2019.

We have new pictures for the second color of the 85 Honda City Turbo, now in black color width red lines and prints of TURBO R, the number eight, Honda and Hot Wheels logo.

This is a good model with a great design that you can find in the main line of Hot Wheels in 2019.