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Hot Wheels ID Batmobile Tim Burton

We have new images of the Hot Wheels ID Batmobile Tim Burton. One of the favorite car for the collectors arrived to the line ID and look incredible with a ZAMAC color.

This Batmobile have body ZAMAC and base trasparent in color yellow. include the Batman logo in sides. and the Hot Wheels logo. An other detail are the series name in his tires.

Look more about the Hot WHeels ID Batmobile in next image:

'15 Ford Mustang - Hot Wheels ID 2019

The ID cars are the new line of Hot Wheels for 2019. With more details in his design and better quality in the models. This time we have a version of the '15 Ford Mustang for this line, that look incredible.

With the body in red color and flames prints, black stripes in center of the chest and the logo of Hot Wheels ID in the sides. See this great car in the images that we have next.

Hot Wheels 2020 - Super Treasure Hunt Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32).

This 2019 Hot Wheels delivered a wide variety of models within the Super Treasur Hunts, which are undoubtedly part of the collection of many fans of these models with special paint and rubber wheels.

However, in the final stretch of 2019 images of some Super Treasure Hunts have already been revealed by 2020. And this occasion is the Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR32) in its super version, with the particularity that its paint is colored ZAMAC (unpainted).

With a dark gray color and mustard yellow prints, as well as its tires. Giving an incredible look to this model that makes it shine in a unique way between this Super Treasur Hunt line. No doubt this 2020 Hot Wheels will continue to surprise the collectors of these cars with scale with their models and designs.

'67 Camaro the last Treasure Hunt of Hot Wheels 2019

There are still a couple of months left to finish this 2019 and Hot Wheels has let practically see all the models of its basic line, with some exceptions; and for the final stretch we have the last of the regular Treasure Hunts of 2019 on the main line.

This is the '67 Camaro, which is closing in an incredible way in 2019 for regular T-Hunt collectors. In a light blue color, with stripes in white, orange red and strong blue; giving a spectacular contrast to the eyes.

Without a doubt the '67 Camaro is a great car and in its Treasure Hunt version it is one of the pieces that can not be missing in your collection, since it is one of the few T-Hunts stand out this 2019.

Hot Wheels ID, the new Super Treasure Hunts.

Everything seems to indicate that the Hot Wheels ID line will reach the main line mixes.

Not only will we have the special edition that we already know of this line, apparently we can find these pieces randomly among the regular models as if it were a Super Treasure Hunt.

With the characteristic id that identifies these cars with the application and their spice paint, as well as the card with the design and colors of the Hot Wheels ID, but with the exception of the tires; which have a regular design and not the special edition that includes the ID line.

Image credits: The Lamley Group

Sneak Peek: Porsche 911 GT3 RS Super T-Hunt 2019.

Today we have for you images of the latest Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt for 2019. This is the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, in a bright purple color throughout your body.

Additionally we have the details of the headlights that look amazing. On the back we have the classic Hot Wheels logo and the TH mart of the Supers, additionally it has the legend GT3 RS.

A great model with a simple design but with its special paint makes it an elegant model, ready to add to the collection of Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts 2019.

Sneak Peek: 2019 Hot Wheels ID - Mystery Machine.

Hot Wheels Id is the new line that the brand brings to us this 2019. These models have a better detail in their design and with special paint, they also have a new design of unique tires for this line of cars.

No doubt they are models that look amazing for their great detail and their special paint, and as is customary for each new Hot Wheels line; will have among its pieces the Mystery Machine belonging to the Screen Time collection in its ID version.

Adding the qualities of these models and the Mystery Machine we have as a result a piza that looks really amazing and of course it will be the most sought after of the Hot Wheels ID line in 2019.

With its characteristic green color in a darker but shining shade and its prints that include the Hot Wheels ID logo on its back side. It is worth mentioning that in its tires we have as a detail the name of the series to which it belongs (SCREEN TIME). Being this a great model that can not be missing in the rows of your collection.

New images of the next Entertainment series of the Car Culture line.

Recently, new images of the upcoming Hot Wheels Entertainment series appeared in 2019 in its Car Culture line. Which has five different models, among the novelties that we can find in these models we have the Toy Story remote control car and the Ford F-150 Raptor '17 of the Forza Motorsport series.

On the other hand it includes pieces of previous deliveries which are the Beatles Yellow Submarine, The Punisher and one of the favorites is Scooby-Doo!

Sneak Peek: 2019 Hot Wheels P Case.

Images of the next models of the 2019 Hot Wheels P mix are revealed. Among the highlights are the new models: Range Rover Velar, Aston Martin Vulcan and the Alpine A110.

We can also find the Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile in its Treasure Hunt version and the Morris Mini that will be the Super Treasure Hunt of this box in its basic version.