Bone Shaker Red Edition: Target Exclusive | Hot Wheels 2020

Hot Wheels launches a collection of 12 models that emerges from its main line called Red Edition, exclusive to Targer stores every year. And this 2020 we will have the Bone Shaker in a completely white color and red details.

As well as its tires are detailed with a red line referring to the Red Edition collection, as you can see in the following images that show the complete car.

Road Kill: '71 Datsun 240z | Hot wheels 2020

Apparently this 2020 Hot Wheels will have models inspired by the RoadKill and one of those models will be the '71 Datsu 240z, of which we have images in which you can see the design of this or these vehicles.

Volkswagen Beetle ID | Hot Wheels 2020

This 2020 Hot Wheels will have the Volkswagen Beetle in its ID line. With Gulf brand decoration, with base color in blue and orange stripes. In the upper part there is an awning and the engine protruding from the vehicle. It belongs to the Speed Graphics series as you can see on its labeled tires.

Street Fighter V Character Cars | Hot Wheels 2020

New Street Fighter V Character Cars series of Hot Wheels in 2020. Includes five of the main characters of the video game, among which we can find:

# 1 - RYU
# 2 - CHUN-LI
# 3 - BLANKA
# 4 - M.BISON
# 5 - VEGA

They cover the image of each of the characters they represent, as well as a background in red and white stripes. In addition to the Street Fighter V logo on the card.

Sneak Peek: Party Wagon (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) | Hot Wheels 2020

First images of the Party Wagon, official vehicle of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, from the animated Nickelodeon series. Undoubtedly, the next 2020 Hot Wheels has a large number of new features in its basic line and this is a model that looks interesting, although in detail it remains somewhat simple it is sure that it will not be missing in the collection of most of us.

Loose: '84 Audi Sport Quattro Super T-Hunts for Hot Wheels 2020

We have more images of the '84 Audi Sport Quattro from all angles. One of the next Super Treasure Hunts that we can find in the H mix of the main line Hot Wheels for 2020.

Loose: Duck N' Roll, new model for Hot Wheels 2020

Duck N 'Roll, is one of the new models that Hot Wheels adds to its main line in 2020. As the name implies, it is a car inhaled in a duck, in yellow and with a turbine in the rear. With ina blue base simulating water below it.

'57 Chevy Super Treasure Hunts for Hot Wheels 2020

'57 Chevy, one of the Super Treasure Hunts that we can find on the Hot Wheels main line in 2020. In full pink and black stripes. Prints with the phrase "Rod Squad", "Fuel Injection", "El Segundo CA." and "J-LIU AUTO SUPPLY".

Without doubt an interesting model for the collection of Super Treasure Hunts models of the main line.

Bugatti Chiron iD for Hot Wheels in 2020

Now we bring images of the Bugatti Chiron in its iD version that Hot Wheels will bring by the next 2020. As is customary in these models, it has great detail in its design, including its front and rear headlights, in a dark blue color, similar to to the model launched on the main line.

A great car that we can find in the Hot Wheels iD line next year, which cannot be missing in your collection. Without a doubt, it is worth it.