New X-Jet (X-Men) | Hot Wheels 2021

New X-Jet (X-Men) | Hot Wheels 2021

The X-Jet from the comics and X-Men series is the new model for the main line of Hot Wheels in 2021. In a blue color that covers the entire body of the plane without any extra decoration, which the truth makes it look very simple; however something more attached to the design of the old tv series.

It belongs to the HW Screen Time series, being the last model of the ten that make up this collection. We will be able to find it in the N mix of the main line and most likely later to this one, I would even dare to say that we can expect a variant for this same year, we will see.

A model that I personally did not see coming, but that will undoubtedly be part of the collection of fashion models that belong to entertainment series or movies, for something belongs to the HW Screen Time series.

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New X-Jet (X-Men) | Hot Wheels 2021


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