Prototype: Time Attaxi (Chase Cars) | Hot Wheels ID 2020

Prototype Time Attaxi is one of the Chase cars Hot Wheels ID that we can find on the main line this 2020. With orange base and decoration and stamped in yellow. As well as its previous versions, it will be possible to open the door of this car. See more images of this self-continuation:

Prototype: '73 Pontiac Firebird | Hot Wheels 2020

New prototypes are revealed every day for the vehicles of the main Hot Wheels line of the next 2020. And in this occasion is the '73 Pontiac Firebird, which will have an orange color with black lines to the center and to its sides. In addition to its classic eagle print on the chest.

Prototype: Surf N Turf | Hot Wheels 2020

Surf N Turf, is one of the next models that we can find in the Hot Wheels main line for 2020. And we have images of how this car could look.

Loose: Mazda RX-7 | Hot Wheels Super T-Hunt 2020

Images of the Super Treasure hunt Mazda RX-7 that we can find in the main Hot Wheels line in 2020. In orange with white and blue prints. An deportibo model that looks amazing with the design of its decorations and its tires with white lines.

Loose: Porsche 918 Spyder | Hot Wheels Super T-Hunt 2020

See more about of the Super Treasure hunts for Hot Wheels in 2020, this time we have images of the Porsche 918 Spyder. A nice model in color dak blue and stripes color white. Appreciate all angles of this amazing car right now.

Loose: Ford GT-40 | Hot Wheels Super T-Hunt 2020

Images of the Super Treasure Hunts Ford GT-40 loose. We can find this super Hot Wheels main line in 2020.

With decoration of the GULF brand and its colors, dominating the blue color throughout its body and with orange stripes on the top that run through the center of the car. Additionally, we have prints of Gulf, Hot Wheels, the super masks of TH and the number 8 to their clothes.

Ford Mustang GT Concept - Mystery Models | Hot Wheels 2020

A new Mystery Car model is revealed, the Ford Mustang GT Concept; number four that belongs to Series 1 of this Hot Wheels line in 2020.

With a black color as a base and decorated with a patrol turret and prints with the legend "SPEEDWAY SAFETY" on the sides and "SAFETY CREW" on the upper back. Additionally white and orange lines. Its tires have orange decoration too.

Ford GT LM - Mystery Models Series 1 | HW 2020

Ford Gt is the third car that belongs to the Hot Wheels Mystery Models Series 1 series this 2020. In gray, with white and red prints, as well as the Ford, GT and Hot Wheels logos on its sides and in front.

Acura NSX - Mystery Models Series 1 | HW 2020

The second model for Series 1 of the Hot Wheels Mystery Models line in 2020. The Acura NSX in white color and printed in green, orange and gold tones. A sports model for this line that brings us more striking models every year.


N° 97 Porsche 918 Spyder
Porsche 918 Spyder
Año 2020 | N° 5/5 | # GHG26

N° 6 Bubble Matic
Bubble Matic
Año 2020 | N° 10/10

N° 54 Batplane
Año 2020 | N° 1/5